StainGo laundry
The Science of Staingo

What makes StainGo® different and superior?

StainGo® has a blend of intelligent ingredients designed to provide a unique cleansing action which penetrates deep into the fabric fibres to loosen and emulsify stains. Once loosened, the stains are held in a suspended dispersed state until removed by absorption or flushed through the fabric.

Most other stain removers are harsh chemical solvents with a bleaching action. StainGo®, however, is gentle, effective, non-toxic, biodegradable and, most importantly,it is bleach free.

StainGo® does not contain inorganic alkaline salts, butyl or chlorinated solvents, bleaches, phosphates, borates or nitrates because the scientists who developed StainGo® believe in being kind to fabrics so they last longer and look just as good as the day you bought them. Clever and kind! Effective and gentle!

Surgix Pharmaceuticals International (our Research Division) in keeping with its commitment to market only those products that are health-safe and biodegradable, are proud to offer StainGo®. No longer will you need harsh spot-cleaning solutions to take care of everyday accidents.

StainGo® is the result of extensive research into safer yet more efficient cleaning preparations. It is a magical
all-purpose stain remover scientifically formulated to provide optimum cleaning power without irritating the hands, polluting the environment or harming the stained fabric.



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