StainGo laundry
REmoving Specific Stains
Nail polish (dry), chewing gum
1 Scrape off excess. Use a small amount of nail polish remover. When stain has dissolved soak it up.

2 Place a soft white cloth underneath the stain where possible. Hold the bottle upright and spray StainGo® onto the stain.

3 Wait for 15 minutes then work StainGo® into the stain by gently rubbing with the front end of the spray nozzle. Avoid aggressive rubbing. For extra-delicate fabrics, rub with a soft white cloth instead of the spray nozzle.

4 Dab wet surface by pressing firmly on the stain with a white paper towel.

5 Repeat process until stain disappears. Extra-stubborn stains may require repeated applications.

6 Allow to dry naturally or wash as normal.

7 When the stain has been removed, rinse with water (preferably distilled) and dab by applying pressure with a white towel.
Nail polish
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