StainGo laundry
StainGo in the laundry
For use on cotton, wool, linen, denim, satin, silk, rayon, lycra
Most stain removers are harsh chemical solvents with a bleaching action. In sharp contrast StainGo® is bleach free, non-toxic and biodegradable. StainGo® does not contain inorganic alkaline salts, butyl or chlorinated solvents, bleaches, phosphates, borates or nitrates.
Using as a prewash
Treat spots and stains with StainGo® before washing. Remember, stains that are washed in hot water or dried in a hot drier generally become permanent. Heat often seals and sets the stain. Spray stain with StainGo®. After one minute gently rub the spot with the spray nozzle. This forces StainGo® through the fibres of the fabric and helps remove the loosened stains. Then wash as normal.
Nursery use
The StainGo® formulation is safe to use on infants clothing, linen and soft toys. The product is used by day-care centres and kindies.
Water spots

A word of assurance about fabrics that may water-spot. If you use StainGo® to remove a stain from a particularly delicate fabric and end up with a water spot, in all probability
you do not have a water spot, but you have a ‘clean spot’ instead.

This can be avoided in one of two ways: The first is to repeat the procedure as for the silk tie and clean the whole garment. The second (not to be used on silk) is to lightly spray the ‘clean spot’ with a mist of water (preferably distilled), dab it with a clean white towel and let it dry. This procedure may have to be repeated several times or until the spot
totally blends in.

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