StainGo Carpet
StainGo Carpet
For use on carpets, upholstery, curtains

StainGo® Carpet is a safe, effective way of removing most household stains – even those stubborn ones. Follow the on pack instructions carefully for the best results.

In treating upholstery or curtains, when you remove a stain you are almost guaranteed a contrasting spot. Don’t panic! Lightly spray StainGo® Carpet over the whole section you are cleaning. Repeat this with a light mist of water (distilled) and dab with a clean, white dry towel blending the ‘clean spot’ into the surrounding area.

With fresh spills on carpets be sure to rinse out as much of the spill as possible with water (preferably distilled) prior to applying StainGo® Carpet. Then thoroughly dab the area with a white absorbent towel. Allow stain to dry naturally then spray with a small amount of StainGo® Carpet and follow the instructions on the reverse side of the bottle.

With fresh pet poo, allow to dry and scrape off excess before treating.
StainGo Carpet
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